FORTINBRAS by Lee Blessing

Fortinbras by Lee Blessing runs April 19-30. Wednesday-Saturday the show starts at 8pm. Sunday, April 23 is at 7pm and Sunday, April 30 is a 2pm matinee. For reservations call: 316-686-1282. Dan Schuster directs.

Young Fortinbras, a modern man of action, enters during the last scene of Hamlet only to order the bodies of the royal family shuffled off while he devises the best possible media blitz to legitimize his ascension to the throne of Denmark.  Fortinbras makes snap decisions. He has no use for sentimentality – or for the “truth” if it is inconvenient. “Who can understand all this stuff? A ghost appears to Hamlet and tells him his uncle killed his father, so Hamlet pretends to go crazy – or maybe he really does? – and he decides to kill his uncle. But he stalls around, kills a guy who’s not his uncle, gets sent to England, gets rescued by pirates, comes back and kills everybody – including himself. I mean, come ON.”  Fortinbras decides to make up his own story in which they are all killed by a Polish spy.

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Cast for Smell of the Kill

Cast for Smell of the Kill

Nicky…Charlene Grinsell
Debra…Sarah Stole
Molly…Jessica Heidrick
Husband voices…Ben Blankley, Mark Schuster & Greg Dalton-White

Take three delicious, malicious wives, add three miserable, unloving husbands—and chill. During a once-a-month dinner, the women exchange confidences and reveal their marriages are on the brink of disaster. The unseen husbands’ survival depends on each woman’s choice in this black comedy.
Performances run June 7-18, 2017 and  are at 8 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday and 7 p.m. on Sunday, June 11 and  a 2pm matinee on Sunday, June 18, 2017. Tickets are $14 or $12 for military/senior/students. There is a special opening night ticket price of $10 for all on March 8, only. Call for reservations 316-686-1282. Wichita Community Theatre is located at 258 N. Fountain.


Reader’s Theater Series

We are submissions for our 13-17 age group.  Remember please that you must have lived in Kansas or are currently living in Kansas to qualify for the contest.  The Reader’s Theatre committee of the Wichita Community Theatre would like to invite Kansas playwrights to enter their 2017 search for full-length plays, with one contest focusing on writers aged 13-17.  The prize is a public reading.
Teen writers have until May 1st, 2017 to finish and submit their plays.
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Direct at Wichita Community Theatre

We are welcoming anyone to apply for our 2017-2018 Season.

Directors are selected by the committee based on but not limited to the following:

 Directing resume

 Interview

 References

 Availability

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