Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is the BIG READ for 2016. Script reading Oct. 23 at WCT.


“You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.”
For the 9th year in a row, readers in and around Wichita will be able to participate in the City’s annual literary tradition, Big Read Wichita! The book selected for our community to read and discuss is the classic novel, Fahrenheit 451 by acclaimed Science Fiction author Ray Bradbury.
From Oct. 1-Nov. 15, 2016 follow Guy Montag, a fireman. Montag lives in a world where television has replaced literature. Books are illegal, and firemen are responsible for destroying them along with the houses that hold them. After Montag secretly takes a book from a house his team burns down, he begins to question everything he has been told.
Wichita Community Theater is excited to announce that we will be involved in this year’s Big Read Wichita and teaming up with The City of Wichita and The Wichita Public Library. Wichita Community Theater will be doing a live table read of this year’s choice- “Fahrenheit 451” by acclaimed Science Fiction author, Ray Bradbury for one performance only, Sunday, Oct 23rd, 2016, 2-5 PM.

Cast for Fahrenheit 451

Narrator- Danzel Muzingo Bond
Montag- Dan Schuster
Mildred- Vonda Newby-Schuster
Clarisse- Miranda Windholz
Beatty & Robert L. Stevenson- Mark D Anderson
Holden, Paramedic 2 & Tolkein- Steve Miotto
Black, Paramedic 1 & Aristotle- Chris Mark Fisher
Faber & Plato- Donald Wineke
Alice, Carroll & Family mother- Jessica Anne Fisher
Mrs Hudson, Hele & Bronte- Mary Lou Phipps-Winfrey
Rostand & other voices- John Dalton-White
Dostoevski & other voices- Ed Belsan
St Exuperey & other voices- Greg Dalton-White
Tolstoy & other voices- Michael Criss
Melville & other voices- Paul Savage
Wilde & Sound Design- Mark Schuster
Directors- Crystal Meek, Mary Tush Green & Dana Miotto

Reader’s Theater Series

Reader’s Theater Update-

The Reader’s Theater committee has been busy planning 2 Kansas playwright competitions for 2017. The first one will be for adults, and the second one for ages 12-17. More information and rules for the competition coming soon, so check back.
If you need to contact Dana, please email her at readerstheatre@wichitact.org.

Twelve Angry Men adapted by Sherman L. Sergel from the movie by Reginald Rose Opens September 7

Twelve Angry Men runs Sept. 7-18 at WCT. Call for reservations: 316-686-1282
PLEASE NOTE: Our Sunday, Sept. 11th show is at 7pm. But the Sept. 18 Sunday show is a matinee at 2pm.

Judge – Rick Atwood
Guard – Antony Nation
Foreman – Dan Gray
Juror 2 – Mark Schuster
Juror 3 – Rob Summers
Juror 4 – Steve Miotto
Juror 5 – Jason Jones
Juror 6 – Paul Savage
Juror 7 – Ed Belsan
Juror 8 – Larry Hartley
Juror 9 – Bob Lancaster
Juror 10 – Mark Anderson
Juror 11 – Oliver Figueroa
Juror 12 – Lewis Mize
Thank you all.

A 19-year-old man has just stood trial for the fatal stabbing of his father. “He doesn’t stand a chance,” mutters the guard, as 12 jurors are taken into the bleak jury room. It looks like an open-and-shut case—until one of the jurors begins opening the others’ eyes to the facts. “This is a remarkable thing about democracy,” says the foreign-born juror, “that we are notified by mail to come down to this place—and decide on the guilt or innocence of a man; of a man we have not known before. We have nothing to gain or lose by our verdict. We should not make it a personal thing.” But personal it does become, with each juror revealing his character as the various testimonies are re-examined, the murder is re-enacted and a new murder threat is born before their eyes! Tempers get short, arguments grow heated, and the jurors become 12 angry men. The jurors’ final verdict and how they reach it—intense scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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