Bell, Book, and Candle by John van Druten

Bell Book and CandleOctober 9-26

Thursday – Sat at 8:00pm
Sunday at 7:00pm

FOR TICKETS CALL 316-686-1282 $14 Adults, $12 Students/Seniors/Military. Sales tax included.

258 N. Fountain, Wichita, KS 67208

Directed by Dan Schuster


Gillian Holroyd: Michele Irene Janssens
Shepherd Henderson: Mark D Anderson
Aunt Queenie Holroyd: Crystal Meek
Nicky Holroyd: Lewis D. Mize
Sidney Redlitch: Walter Stewart

Before there was “Bewitched,” before “Wicked” and “Harry Potter,” there was “Bell, Book and Candle.” The play by John Van Druten is a celebration of being human, in all its messiness and disarray. Van Druten wrote the play in 1950, a time in America when conformity was cherished and “otherness” was considered a dangerous prospect. Into this environment, he places Gillian Holroyd, a woman who embodies the spirit of otherness. As a witch, Gillian has complete power over her own world, and can craft it to her specifications. However, the one element she can’t control is that sense of otherness, and it is her need to join the outside world that gives life to the play.

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