Reading the Obits, a Comedy by Mary Lou Phipps-Winfrey Opens July 19

Cast for Reading the Obits, a Comedy

Julie Williams            Ellen Holmes
Nicole Araiza             Samantha Holmes
Kenneth Mitchell       Gene Holmes
Glenn Williams          Ed Wright
Cheryl Pearce            Martha Wright
Deb Goin                    Simone
Arietta Austin             Doris
Stephanie Lehr           June
James Sherwood        Kurt

Production runs July 19-30. Directed by Dana Miotto.

This original comedy is fun & entertaining, but also insightful into the difference between life plans (practical, comfortable) and life dreams (unpredictable, scary, exciting) & how people ultimately want to be remembered. One character notes: “I don’t think anybody cares what school I graduated from. I want them to know who I was and what I was like.”

Ellen is a middle-aged wife and mom who is fascinated with newspaper obituaries of strangers. These mini-biographies inspire her to read between the lines and imagine what their lives — and loves — may have been like. Her husband thinks her “hobby” is sort of eccentric. But her college student daughter pronounces it “creepy” and “vampirish.”

Even Ellen’s close circle of friends ridicule the idea — until she sparks their curiosity and opens the door to communication about uneasy topics like death, funerals and memorials. Her friends begin to open up and reflect on their own lives, values, accomplishments, dreams and ultimate legacies.

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