The Triangle Factory Fire Project Cast

WCT begins the 2017-2018 season with the production of The Triangle Factory Fire Project by Christopher Pieler in collaboration with Scott Alan Evans

March 25, 1911.,4:45 P.M.

In the Triangle Waist Factory off Manhattan’s Washington Square—where 500 immigrant workers toil fourteen-hour days making lady’s dresses—a cigarette is tossed into a bin of fabric scraps. In the space of twenty-eight minutes, the fire is under control, but 146 people, mainly young immigrant girls, have died. The tragedy paved the way for labor reform, worker’s rights, and women’s rights in our country.

Wichita Community Theatre and director Dan Schuster are pleased to announce the ensemble cast of THE TRIANGLE FACTORY FIRE PROJECT: Jerry Wehry, Matt Gurley, John Lloyd Stafford III, Robert Ryder, James Sherwood, Linly Stowe, Sheena Monroe, Vonda Newby-Schuster, and Danzel Muzingo Bond.

Thanks to everyone who auditioned!

Production runs Sept. 6-17.

Directed by Dan Schuster