Reader’s Theatre Performance for “Something More”- Written by Kayla Horning

Reader’s Theatre Winning Submission- “Something More” – Written by Kayla Horning

Dahlia is 18 years old, and deaf. She’s grown up very isolated in a hearing household. And has taught herself sign language online and done exclusively online school. Her parents are loving but clueless as to how to be parents to an extraordinary child. When her mother meets a boy who is losing his hearing she attempts to play match maker, but by doing this she unknowingly increases the wedge between herself and her daughter. Something More is about the struggles of living with a foot in two different worlds. How will she balance being deaf in a world that is so loud? In the end, how can she choose between a future with someone like her and her past?

Dahlia- Aubrie Valle
Anita- Diane Tinker Hurst
Doug- Thomas M. Hanks
Tate- Jon Pic
Narrator- Amy Ruppert
Directed by Lisa Sillaway Henshall & Charlene Grinsell

Free readers performance,  April 28th, 2018- 3:00-5:30, No reservations needed.