Auditions for ALMIGHTY BOB: A Fantasy By Tom Mula

Auditions will be held at WCT on August 17 and 18 from 2:30-4:30pm. Roles are available for 4M/3F + extras
Show runs Oct 16 – 27, 2019 and is directed by John Reel. Rating: PG

  • DR. WALLY, a nice-looking, youngish-middle-aged doctor.
  • COLLEEN, a quirky 30ish social worker. She’s fun.
  • CLAIRE, a nice-looking older woman. Walks with a walker. A fireball in her time.
  • JOEYJOJO, a sexy, lean young man, dressed kind of Goth and punky, all in black, shades, pierced, spiked hair.
  • MR. CARMICHAEL, a middle-aged man in a very nice suit, with a little flag pin. He’d make a good undertaker. Underneath, not a nice man.
  • KAREN, a nice-looking businesswoman in her late 30s. Efficient.
  • BOB, a terrific older character actor- charming, funny, powerful, with a huge heart. Older than he wants to be.
  • The same actress plays: Mrs. Parrish, older resident; Nurse Anne, leggy; Gladys, the crusty cook.
  • (3-5 extra’s) Senior citizens / interactive audience for the Talent show. Minimal rehearsals, last 4-5 rehearsal and performances.

Bob is being checked in to a nursing home. Sometimes he thinks he’s God, and sometimes he’s right. Bob has become too much of a handful for his daughter Karen, so they’re trying a trial period at Dr. Wally’s nursing home with miraculous results. Almighty Bob is a funny romantic comedy of life and love.