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Board of Directors

Wichita Community Theatre Executive Board (2016-2018)

Name Title Responsibilities E-mail Address
Phipps-Winfrey, Mary Lou President Runs monthly board meetings, facilitates strategic planning, Emergency point-of-contact, Vote tie-breaker. president@wichitact.org
Meek, Crystal Vice-President Runs monthly board meetings in absence of President, point-of-contact for external communication via phone/e-mail, Chair of Director Selection Committees vicepresident@wichitact.org
Green, Mary Tush Secretary Takes and distributes minutes from monthly board meetings, keeps board directory up-to-date, sends out thank-you notes. Coordinates volunteers for box office/snack bar, work days and special events. Sends out weekly Volunteer Newsletter. secretary@wichitact.org
Lancaster, Robert Treasurer Creates yearly budget, pays monthly bills, point-of-contact for financial decisions and rights-holding organization treasurer@wichitact.org
Tanner, Jane Technical Director Coordinates technical needs for productions and theatre, negotiates contracts and project bids. techdirector@wichitact.org


Wichita Community Theatre At-Large Board Members

Name Title Responsibilities E-mail Address
Miotto,Dana Reader’s Theatre Coordinator Coordinates activities involving the reader’s theatre series such as auditions, rehearsals and performances. Chair of Reader’s Theatre Committee. readerstheatre@wichitact.org
Fisher, Jessica Education Coordinator Coordinates internships, apprenticeships and scholarship application and selection process, Chair of Scholarship Committee education@wichitact.org
Lehr, Stephanie Volunteer Coordinator Notifies volunteers for WCT listed on volunteerkansas.org. about auditions, applying to direct, events and workdays. volunteer@wichitact.org
Phipps-Winfrey, Mary Lou Marketing/Publicity Coordinator Coordinates publicity and communication campaigns with local media and organizations for productions and special events, Chair of Publicity Committee publicity@wichitact.org
Jacobson, Julie Building/Grounds Coordinator Coordinates maintenance and cleaning of the theatre building and grounds building@wichitact.org
Meek, Crystal Play Selection Chair Chairs the Play Selection Committee. playselection@wichitact.org
(open position)


Pursell, Cindy



Opening Night Coordinator

Coordinates fundraising events and opportunities for the Theatre. Also plans opening night events for each production, Chair of Fundraising Committee fundraising@wichitact.org



Ryder, Robert Set Construction Coordinator Consults with and assists set designers in building of sets for each production setconstruction@wichitact.org
Sowers, Kevin Social Media/Online Coordinator Coordinates communication updates via the theatre’s social media channels and website, Chair of the Social Media Committee. webmaster@wichitact.org
 (open position) Grants Coordinates writing and maintenance of grants for the Theatre. Chair of Grants Committee grants@wichitact.org
(open position) Partnerships Coordinator  Point-of-contact for and coordinates partnerships between the theatre and outside companies/ organizations. partnerships@wichitact.org
Ryder, Jo Ellen Special Events Coordinator Coordinates details for special events at the Theatre. Chair of Special Events Committee. specialevents@wichitact.org
Williams, Glenn Quartermaster Procures and replenishes supplies needed for operation of the theatre quartermaster@wichitact.org
 Kathy Woodward At Large
 Steve Miotto At Large