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Upcoming Auditions

Auditions are April 6-7
2:30-5:00 PM both days

Performance dates are June 5-16, 2019. Directed by Abri Geist- Dennis
Set in the early days of the Depression in a small southern Indiana town named Zion, Buddy Layman is a mentally-challenged boy whose sweet nature touches most people he meets. One day a stranger and retired preacher, C.C. Showers, passes through Zion looking for work and food. C.C. takes an immediate liking to Buddy and vice versa. C.C. is able to relate to Buddy in ways that most people aren’t. The two become close friends and C.C. soon finds himself as Buddy’s mentor and teacher. CC’s relationship with the people of the town changes drastically when they learned that he was a former preacher who has given up preaching.
Casting for

Buddy Layman (male, age 14-17): has signs of brain damage from a drowning accident when he was young and a strange gift to find water. He always knows when it’s going to rain.

Jennie Mae Layman (female, 16): Buddy’s sister but acts like more of a mother to him, attracted to C.C. but the age difference is a barrier. The character is stated to be 16, but it’s a fairly large role so anyone from around 16 to early or late 20’s could be cast.

Ferris Layman (male, 40’s or older): Buddy and Jennie Mae’s father, the local mechanic.

C.C. Showers (male, 30’s to 40’s): new to town, finds work with Ferris Layman. He used to be a preacher but isn’t anymore and absolutely doesn’t want to be. He’s attracted to Jennie Mae but the age difference is a barrier.

Basil Bennett (male, 40’s or older): A farmer who benefits from Buddy’s water predicting abilities.

Luella Bennett (female, 40’s or older) Basil’s wife, doubts Buddy’s ability:

Dewey Maples (male, 18 to early 20’s): Basil’s farmhand, a bit naïve, wants to ask Darlene to the dance.

Melvin Wilder (male, 20’s or early 30’s): Basil’s farmhand, acts like an older brother to Dewey, helps Dewey with asking Darlene to the dance.

Norma Henshaw (female, 40’s or older): Owner of the Dry Goods Store, desperately wants a Christian revival for the town and thinks C.C. is the answer. Darlene’s aunt.

Darlene Henshaw (female, 16-18): Jennie Mae’s friend, a bit rebellious. Norma’s niece. She could be played by anyone from around 16 to early or late 20’s.

Goldie Short (female, 30’s or older): The owner of the Café. She wants a revival as well so Sunday church services can bring her more business again.

The age of the actors is less important than how the ensemble works and looks together, so don’t let the age suggestions discourage you from auditioning!