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Upcoming Auditions

Auditions are Feb 16-17 3:00-5:00 PM both days

Performance dates are April 17-28, 2019. Directed by Jessica Fletcher
Robert returns to Dublin to reunite with Cait, the woman who captured his heart during a James Joyce literary tour thirty-five years ago. Dancing backwards through time, the older couple retrace their steps to discover their younger selves. Through young Robbie and Caithleen, they relive the unlikely, inevitable events that brought them—only briefly—together. This Irish time-travel love story blends wit, humor, and heartache into a buoyant, moving appeal for making the most of the present before it is past. Casting for:
Caithleen: Feisty, young 20-something Irish girl w/a magical secret
Robbie: Heartbroken, cynical, young 20-something American tourist
Cait: Older, but no less feisty, 50-something Caithleen
Robert: Older, more broken and cynicalk 50-something Robbie
Both women will need an Irish accent.

Auditions are April 6-7
2:30-5:00 PM both days

Performance dates are June 5-16, 2019. Directed by Abri Geist- Dennis
Set in the early days of the Depression in a small southern Indiana town named Zion, Buddy Layman is a mentally-challenged boy whose sweet nature touches most people he meets. One day a stranger and retired preacher, C.C. Showers, passes through Zion looking for work and food. C.C. takes an immediate liking to Buddy and vice versa. C.C. is able to relate to Buddy in ways that most people aren’t. The two become close friends and C.C. soon finds himself as Buddy’s mentor and teacher. CC’s relationship with the people of the town changes drastically when they learned that he was a former preacher who has given up preaching.
Casting for
6 males & 5 females- More info coming soon!