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Volunteer Offstage

Our volunteers support every aspect of producing our eight shows per season at WCT. 

We announce all our volunteer opportunities through two avenues: Our Volunteer Newsletter and our Facebook page.

Volunteer Technical Positions

Every production requires several volunteer technical positions including:

  • Set Designer
  • Lighting Designer
  • Sound Designer
  • Costumes Designer
  • Properties Designer
  • Stage Manager
  • Light Board Technician
  • Sound Technician
  • Stage Crew (as required)
  • Choreographer (as required)
  • Pianist (as required)

If you are interested in volunteering for a technical position for an upcoming show, contact the director(s) of that production.  Check our Volunteer Newsletter and our Facebook page for open volunteer techncial positions and contact information for the director(s) of upcoming productions.  Volunteers that serve in a techncial position get two free tickets for the show that they work!

Work Days

A work day is time set aside (usually on a Saturday) for volunteers to come to the theatre and help with various projects needed to make a production at Wichita Community Theatre. Types of projects include: set building, finding and deisgning props and costumes, assisting with setting and hanging lights, painting, etc.  Work day announcements typically come the Wednesday before the Saturday we plan to work, unless we are able to schedule them in advance. Volunteers that participate in a work day get two free tickets to see the upcoming production!

Poster Distribution Street Team [View Detailed Description]

Have you ever felt intimidated by our available volunteer opportunities? Perhaps you don’t like handling cash at the snack bar or box office, or perhaps your skills are not best served on-stage. Perhaps you have physical limitations that prevent you from going to work days. Maybe you have a hectic work schedule that prevents nearly all evening and weekend volunteering. Maybe you have free time in the day, and not in the evening. Whatever the reason, we understand, and we want to provide you an opportunity that works for you.

We are planning on having a stack of posters available at the box office during rehearsal evenings and Saturday work days. Help us promote your community theatre. The businesses and organizations in Wichita respond much better to an in-person distribution of posters. Let’s convince them that supporting the local arts is a positive thing for their business or organization. Volunteers that distribute posters get 2 free tickets to see the upcoming production!

Box Office [View Detailed Description]

Be at the theatre 45 minutes before the show starts. Your job will be to take admission money, free tickets, and performance cards (8 admission punch cards), and hand out programs. A board member or the director will ensure that you have access to the cash box. Ideally, you will be working as a pair with another volunteer.  Volunteers that work the box office get to see the show they work for free!

Click here to go to SignUp.com to volunteer to work box office or snack bar

Be at the theatre 30-45 minutes before the show starts. Your job will be to sell refreshments and swag before the show, and during intermissions. Volunteers that work the snack bar get to see the show they work for free!

Click here to go to SignUp.com to volunteer to work box office or snack bar



You may also serve on one of several committees within the theatre that pefrom functions including play selection, publicity/marketing and grants/fundraising.  If you are interested in serving on a committee, contact the chair of the committee. Volunteers that serve on a committee get two free tickets for every show that is in production while they serve!

As always, thank you very much for volunteering your time to help Wichita Community Theatre be a shining example of active volunteerism in Wichita’s vibrant arts community.