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An Evening of Culture – Faith County II: The Saga Continues by Mark Landon Smith

Directed by: Casey Eubank

Production dates: July 21-31, 2022

We’re in Mineola County where the Community Theatre is producing ROMEO AND JULIET. Even though the cast members don’t have their lines memorized, the set isn’t finished, and a dog keeps barking offstage, they’re gonna give it a go! There’s just an awe-inspirin’ performance given by Mildred Carson (who doesn’t look fifty) as Juliet. There’s great chemistry between Mildred and Bubba Bedford, who is cast as Romeo. And, lest we forget, Naomi Farkle Carson, who provided the additional dialogue.


VIOLET – Taylor Darling
MILDRED – Angela Forrest
DELBERT – Mark Barlow
FAYE – Miranda Windholz
RUTHANN – Chelsea Daniel
NAOMI – Jami Thomas
LUTHER – Sam Schwartz
BUBBA – Chris Welborn

Stage Manager – Ashley Christy
Set/Light Design – Lyle Valentine
Costume Design – Deanna Winkler
Properties Design – Theresa Dombrowski
Sound Design – Mark Schuster

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